How to write a effective test plan

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How to write Simple & Effective Test/QA Plan – [Sample Test Plan Report to Download]

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In this article I've outlined the step by step process to write a good test strategy document. Also (hopefully) cleared the confusion between test strategy and test plan documents.

Even without any standard template, you can keep this test strategy document simple but still effective.

Write a business plan

Test Strategy vs. Test Plan. Over the years, I see a lot. Test plan is usually written in conjunction with test strategy.

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It is recommended that you read How to write a test strategy before continuing reading this article. Test strategy outlines different test levels to be carried out for example 1) Component Testing 2) Integration Testing and 3) User Acceptance Testing for standard 3-tier business.

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Web-based test plan software to organize test cases, test suites, keep track of test results, and manage entire QA projects.

How to write a effective test plan
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