How to write a fugue subject

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How To Write A Fugue

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Regarding the piece, he said "I have taken particular care to write andante maestoso upon it, so that it should not be played fast – for if a fugue is not played slowly the ear cannot clearly distinguish the new subject as it is introduced and the effect is missed".

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The Subject The "subject" of a fugue is its main theme. It is generally short--one or two measures--but may be longer ( measures).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

While they are usually harmonically generic, based on I, V, and IV, they are distinctive in melodic contour and rhythmic articulation, making them memorable after one hearing, and easily recognizable. A non-fiction memory piece, She and I: A Fugue focuses on a man's evolution through his contact with women.

Starting in his infancy, a series of striking females change Brown's life dramatically - for better or worse. When his first marriage ends with his wife's death, Brown.

A fugue is built from a short phrase, called the fugue subject.

A simple 10-step guide to writing an amazing fugue

The subject begins in one part and is then subsequently taken up by the others. The subject begins in one part and is then subsequently taken up by the others.

How to write a fugue subject
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