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All essays must be accused in English and are different to words. The 3-day diet analysis was very interesting to me, and has given me some very useful and challenging information pertaining to my health. I know I do not have the healthiest eating habits, and after using the SuperTracker I plan to do my best at changing my diet.

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Your typed essay, answering all questions assigned Preparation for the 3-Day Diet Analysis Project. STEP #1: Food Log. Record everything that you eat and drink for 3 days. (See Instructions for Completing Food Log handout). The most accurate picture of your eating habits is achieved when the three days include two weekdays and one weekend day.

Three Day Diet Analysis Three Day Diet Analysis Karen Proctor SCI/ January, 13, Timothy Baghurst The Choose My Plate website provided by the U.S. government provides a way to plan, track, and compare meals.

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Analysis of Three Day Diet

3-Day Diet Analysis Name SCI/ Date Teacher In tracking my food for 3 days and using the Food Tracker, I was surprised when I saw the results. I saw my current eating habits were not the best.

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In comparing my diet to the recommended diet amount, I was /5(1).

Three day essay plan
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