Two animal organ systems and write an expository essay explaining how they show evolutionary change

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Jul 27,  · You cannot show evolutionary change in a single species without studying the many species that preceded it. So, for example, paleontologists primarily study the skeletal system in vertebrates to observe evolutionary Resolved.

Modern day Teleost fish have an organ called the "swim bladder" that they use to regulate buoyancy. In land animals, the same structure is used to extract oxygen from the air, and is called a "lung".

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The 12 Animal Organ Systems. Search the site GO. Animals and Nature. Animals and Zoology Basics Amphibians Animals need to break down the food they eat into its essential components, in order to fuel their metabolisms. slide # (In lower vertebrates and invertebrates, blood and lymph are usually combined, and not handled by two.

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Two animal organ systems and write an expository essay explaining how they show evolutionary change
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